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Dramanite - NOT something that helps us bond as a class, but something that creates more arguments ><

Sigh, sometimes i just wish that i could slap her. She's not even the director, and yet she acts as if she is in charge of the entire thing. She gets angry when someone that's not the scriptwriter comes up with a MUCH BETTER idea/script than hers, because she "did not ask the scriptwriters" Hello? Since when did anyone have to become an official scriptwriter to simply jot down a idea then ask the directors? Yes, we all knew that you wanted to shine the brightest. Yes, we all know that you specifically wrote the your part for yourself. Come on, we can all see that your just begging for attention. Then you say that i am not doing my part, when just earlier today you told me to stay out of this cause i was not a scriptwriter and save it for the actual rehearsals. God, make up your freaking mind so i can start contributing already!

Next you get angry at E. Why you are angry i have no clue. You say that she has no business helping, as she does not have a role in the ex-co of dramanite. Excuse me, she is doing three times of what you are doing, volunteering to help out in every single committee and keeping this whole thing running smoothly. You never miss a chance to bad-mouth her or anyone else who pissed you off on your blog, and yet you act like all of us are such bitches and make a whole big deal when you think we gossip about you. I'm just so annoyed with you already.

Moving on....

YAY THE SIMS 3 LATE NIGHT IS COMING OUT ON TUESDAY!!! and i just got 2 GB RAM more for my computer so it will run faster! :D:D:D

holy crap OM auditions are this week! i need to make the walls! D: and we have not had a single rehearsal! D: this is awful!

GB tomorrow, which means physical badgework (self defence). I think that tomorrow they might be announcing who goes for drill competition! Our batch is so small that we have only JUST enough for a full team, including reserves. I really hope i'm not a reserve :( cause that would be quite disappointing to know that i suck at drill so much that i am one of the two reserves while the rest of my batchmates get into the team :(

I think this is the longest post i have ever posted! :P

I hope i get into OM D:





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